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The past 4 years has been an interesting ride, to say the least. After 20 years of loud guitar rock band recording and touring, I decided to relearn the process of composition. Unlike the past, I turned to electronic tools - samplers, synthesizers, computer-based recorders - and found a new set of tones, colors, and processes with which to create pop songs.

(Along the way, I got sidetracked for 7 months in late 1999/early 2000, assuming the role of Creative Consultant at the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling branch of AOL/TimeWarner. Being part of the team that, each week, created 4 to 7 hours of live episodic television watched by 3-4 million households per show was a childhood dream come true, and perhaps the hardest work I’ve ever done. I learned a lot about life from that job, and it also took months to decompress from the experience. But I digress.)

In some ways, this record reminds me of songs I wrote the the early days: simple chordal structures, direct in lyrical content, and dense in sonic temperament. Some elements are familiar, such as distorted electric guitar; others, like loops and grooves, are new to me, and may surprise the longtime fans.

I hope that people approach this work with an open mind, with the understanding that I’m trying to find different ways to create songs, and while the work may not appear to be as sophisticated as the work of others who specialize in electronic-based music, I think the songs stand up as well as any I’ve written.

I’m also excited about the launch of Granary Music as a full-time independent record company. The music business has changed drastically since 1998, and I’m not sure “record company” or “music business” are proper descriptions of the environments in which an artist distributes and sells their properties. By holding full ownership of all content, I am prepared to shift with the ever-changing entertainment delivery systems of the future. It’s odd to use words like “properties” and “content”, but that’s the new reality. Everything is different again, and I look forward to the future.

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